School Advisory Council

The education of Ontario’s young people is a shared responsibility involving schools, students and their families, and members of the community. Parents have a right as well as the responsibility to participate in the education of their children and can contribute to their child’s development in a variety of ways. Other members of the community, including members of health, social service, and recreational agencies, also offer a wealth of experience and expertise that may be of benefit to students.

A school council will provide a forum for people interested in education to work cooperatively to develop common goals and plans at the school level. The Avon Maitland District School Board recognizes and supports the partnership of schools, parents and the community to enhance public involvement in education and to create a positive learning environment for students of all ages.

The school council is a representative of the school and the school community. School councils will provide advice to principals and sometimes to school boards on a variety of school-related issues. Through the development of mission and growth statements, school councils will be able to provide input into school directions and goals. School councils and other parent organizations can support and assist each other and the school as long as their different roles and functions are clearly defined.