Rights of Privacy and Freedoms

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act sets guidelines that Boards of Education must adhere to when protecting the personal information of their students. The Act requires that students and parents/guardians of students under 18 be informed of the uses, disclosures and maintenance of their personal information and that they be given the opportunity to make enquiries about the same.

During the school year, your child/children will be involved in a variety of school related activities and events consistent with the purpose of educating students in accordance with the Education Act. In this connection we bring to your attention the following areas that personal information may be revealed without notification to you. We point out the following so that you may express any concerns you may have.

Home phone numbers may be released to create telephone lists for distribution as follows:

  • Emergency Procedures – to parents and bus operators for the purpose of making contact during an emergency, such as inclement weather situations
  • School Councils – to be used for soliciting parent involvement in a variety of school related activities that will benefit the student
  • Safety Patrols – to be used for emergency purposes only (e.g.-patroller is sick and needs a replacement)

Medical information may be shared with school bus drivers and parent volunteers when relevant (e.g.-school trips). Students’ work with first and last names, name of school, and possible grade levels, may be displayed in the classroom or school hallways, or may be shared with the public through science fairs, art projects, bulletin board displays, school newspaper, the Boards’ Administrative office and outside newsletters.

The media and/or Board staff may be invited to the school to take photos of students and write articles about student achievements, graduations, or special events. Once again, the student may be identified by name and grade level. The information gathered is used as part of the school’s communication plan to share newsworthy events that occur at the school.

Photographs and videos of students, collectively or individually, may be taken and may be used in the following manner:

  • bulletin board displays in the classroom and school hallways
  • school yearbooks or school newspapers
  • during classroom activities, open house or parents’ night, etc.
  • newspapers and on television stations, school or Bo ard web sites and publications
  • videos of students on some school buses and/or school properties may be viewed only for reasons of the safety and security of all students.

The school will share and update necessary student information with the Huron-Perth Health Units. The information will include your child’s birth date, address, home telephone number, and work number of parents/guardians for the purpose of “establishing and maintaining a school health record according to the Health Protection and Promotion Act and Immunization of School Pupils Act. Parents/guardians will continue to be notified about special field trips and activities as they develop.