Learning Commons

Library hours – 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Library Commons at GDCIOur Learning Commons is an integral part of our academic and social program at G.D.C.I. acting as a whole school approach to building a participatory learning community. Our LC is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centered, physical and virtual space where staff, students and community partners come together to study, collaborate, learn and socialize in a comfortable, inclusive and flexible physical and virtual space.

Loan Periods

  • Books, Magazines, Vertical Files – 10 School Days
  • Specialized Encyclopedias – Overnight or 3 says
  • Renewal – Bring materials to the library for renewal
  • Responsibility – When a student signs out material, he/she assumes responsibility for its safe return and must pay for lost or damaged materials


$.25/book/day to a maximum of $2.00/book

Please Note
Chat, games, music video downloads and/or use of unauthorized programs is not permitted. This lab is for educational use only. E-mail, unless requested by a teacher is not allowed. Request individual subject CD-roms at the circulation desk for in-school use only. Students who do not respect the policies will lose access to their account for a period of time.

Students require their ID Library/Student Card to use the CD-roms, videos and headphones and to sign out other materials.

Library and Research Information

Students are required to submit essays and projects using proper title pages and sources cited. To ensure that the information is current, students may access the library information at https:/fc.amdsb.ca/~elaifiel, from the school web page under G.D.C.I. staff

  • Teacher first class information pages or on the server in the shared Directory, Students, Library Information.

Also included is a folder containing web pages which will assist with student research.

Computer Use Code of Conduct

Students are expected to use computer equipment, access to networks and the Internet responsibly for educational purposes. All students can benefit from using computers for learning in a safe environment, the following rules apply.

Personal Safety

  • Students must never give out personal information about themselves or others (such as address, phone number, pictures of themselves) to strangers met through the Internet.
  • Web pages should not contain personal information about students (such as address, phone number, pictures unless parents have given permission).
  • Students must report to a teacher or other school staff member any computer or Internet related activity (e.g.-threats, abusive language) that gives them concern or appears to threaten the safety of people or places.

Use of Equipment, Software and Networks

  1. All equipment, including cables and network drops should be used in ways that do not cause damage.
  2. Use of computer resources including the Internet must respect the safety and rights of others. Information must not be accessed, downloaded, stored, or distributed that is illegal, abusive, threatening, obscene, harassing or otherwise inappropriate.
  3. Students must not share passwords or use the passwords of others nor should they try to hack into computer systems.
  4. Computer files or the data in files must not be deleted, modified, moved, or copied unless permission has been given to do so by a school staff member.
  5. Creating and transmitting computer viruses, hoaxes, email worms, sending junk mail or similar nuisance behaviour or related threats to computer security is not permitted.
  6. Software used must be property licensed. Licensed software must not be copied illegally.
  7. Email, conferencing, on-line chat and content of web pages must respect the safety and rights of others.
  8. Students must report to a teacher or other school staff member any inappropriate use of computer equipment, software or networks, including the Internet.
  9. Students must not attempt in any way to log on using another persons identity.
  10. Students should not intentionally access Internet sites with inappropriate content of no educational value.
  11. If using the work of others, credit must be given and permission obtained if copyright materials are used. Inappropriate use of the Board’s computer resources will result in consequences. If the actions of a student appear to break the law, the police will be informed