Examinations Procedures

1. All students are reminded of their responsibility to arrive at the exam on the correct date, at the correct time. Please double check when the exam is written.  If for any reason you will be absent from an exam you must notify the school prior to the exam. Students who are ill must provide a medical certificate and arrange to write at an alternate time within the exam schedule.

2. Students will report to their assigned examination room 15 minutes prior to the start. Exams will begin at 9:00 a.m. THERE IS NO QUIET STUDY TIME PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION. Students writing in the resource room will report to the assigned resource room by 8:45 a.m.

3. Students writing in the Student Success Room will be informed directly regarding the start time for each exam. The examination schedule for the Student Success room and the resource room will be posted in the Ad ministration Office.

4. Students must return textbooks to the individual subject teacher before the exam is written. If there is a problem, you must see your teacher. Textbooks will not be accepted at the Administration Office.

5. Bus departure will be at the regular times.

6. Students are not to be in the halls or at their lockers during exam times. The library is available for study purposes.

7. Food services (cafeteria kitchen) will be closed or limited; however, vending machines will be operative.

8. Locker clean-up is required prior to the final exam schedule. Students who wish to donate any supplies, such as paper, pencils, binders, etc., may drop them off at the Administration Office or Library.

9. Lockers must be emptied and the locks removed no later than the end of June–with no exceptions. Lockers not emptied will have the locks cut off and the contents removed and bagged.

10. Summer school will be available. Information and application forms will be available at the Guidance Office.

11. If there is a school closure or the buses are unable to run for any reason, note that a plan to reschedule the exam will be posted on the school webiste, GDCI facebook page,  and twitter.